Sunshine-me or a "Times are changing" story WHO ARE WE

Who are we

We are the craftmen of a new type

of service, reflecting new desires in a faster world with ever-changing work habits and longer life expectancy. We offer answers to new, growing and obvious expectations. We want to create a new support standard for co-workers/ Simple, direct, efficient

Simple, direct, efficient

We are graphic designers, social workers, sales representatives, developers…We are musicians, athletes, keen on literature or romantic strolls…We are from Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse…We are city or countryside dwellers…in short we all have different backgrounds

We are patient,
We are Sunshiners
We are Sunshine-me

Sunshine-me was born. We provide a complete suite of services for co-workers offering an innovative solution to the difficulties concerning parenthood and family care. And all the service are gathered onto a unique platform, allowing for easy access and usage.


A "Times are Changing" story

The work environment has become a key factor in the company performance. Subjects that were once considered as personal are now regarded as contributing elements in this environment. Thus offering a support to co-workers facing everyday dificulties is becoming an essential component for company performance. We have worked with 80 HR managers of large enterprises to build the most efficient response to this paradigm shift.

Avec elles, nous avons élaboré, une offre très complète de services destinés aux collaborateurs, apportant une solution concrète et innovante aux problématiques de parentalité et d’aidants familiaux.
Rassemblés sur une seule plateforme, leur accès devient facile et à la portée de tous vos collaborateurs.

Sunshine me work

Our common values guide and unite us



Our commitment is total because it reflects our beliefs. We know we can deliver a 100% efficient service if we are 100% sincere. We pay a great attention to details because we know they make the difference.



To get what we aim for without compromising we know we have to wait for the right time. Time can seem slow sometimes but the result is worth it



We are obsessively focused on our targets. We like to surprise our customers in delivering "the best" rather than "the good enough". We keep our promises.