Sunshine-me brings together -in a single application- multiple HR services aimed at supporting your co-workers

Offer your co-workers
a success-oriented workplace

Parenthood support

At the onset of a career the most obvious obstacles are parenthood difficulties, which are also a source of inequality between men and women.
An efficient parenthood policy helps correct this

Family carers support

Starting mid-career the number of employees who are also family carers grows and this is the source of a new wave of inequalities and troubles in their careers.
We provide employers with concrete actions to show real support to their co-workers

Balancing professional and personal lives

Being able to better manage professional and personal time through relevant services is key to reduce stress and the risk of burnout.
We are at your side to help you face the major difficulties in order to restore peace of mind and trust, and thus reduce work related stress

Safe Spaces

Easy access to safe spaces or treatment centers against addictions, domestic violence, harassment or other troubles that could endanger an efficient work environment

For teams of all sizes

Large groups

Sunshine-me addresses the clichés about efficient care management, with measurable actions- and this also concerns large enterprises with several thousand employees.Get in touch with our Sunshiners!
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You are facing rapid growth and you want a flexible and scalable solution? We have what you need! Sunshine-me adjusts itself to your growth rhythm on a monthly or quarterly basis
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Small businesses

We want our service to be used by small firms as well. Our model works for any type of business
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Everything you need when you need it


Each situation is unique and deserves a unique answer. Thus a diagnosis is established with each co-worker before we take action

An evolutionary
process over time

It is not possible to predict the needs of each one of your co-workers nor their evolution from one year to the next. That's why our model helps you address everybody, all the time, whatever happens. Indeed. And, no it won't cost you more!

The necessary discretion of a trusted third party

For each subject we have an expert.
The connections between a co-worker and the right professional help build the needed trust that facilitates the discussion around intimate problems.
And, of course, this is protected by absolute confidentiality

Controlling your budget, measuring the results

Sunshine-me offers a standard starting-pack, with a wide range of services which can be extended on demand.
From the start, an anonymous statistical report is sent to the HR teams, so that they can better understand their co-workers' expectations

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