Supporting the family carers


There are an
estimated 11 million
family carers in France

20% of co-workers are family carers who dedicate between 5 to 40 hours a week to their dependant family member (25 hours on average)

2/3 are women,
48% say they lack information on the subject and
55% are between 40 and 60 years old

What they say


Of family carers say they need psychological support


Of family carers lack time and have a hard time managing professional and personal lives

A wide and full range
of services for the family carers

The support of a care manager

The care manager provides information and help to the family carer. He aims to stabilize the situation when a family member loses autonomy, and is in charge of implementing a long term plan and securing potential subsidies

Finding a reliable student

This service is aimed at family carers who need help for a few hours a week for minor services concerning their dependant family member

Having a student at home

Deciding to have a student at home has many advantages for a senior from minor services during daytime to a comforting presence at night…

A single and simple management interface

You have access to all the services from the same place, their use is optimised and standardized, the billing made easy and the whole interface is monitored.
Monitoring provides a concrete measure of the results ( absenteeism, commitment, staff spirit)